Important Resources for each Business

Doing businesses are similar, in that businesses can be run as limited liability operations, private companies or other types of concern. As discussed, setting up a business or buying is going to be a concern that can be complex and you must obtain local legal advice and guidance about registration formalities.

Positioning your business in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia allows easy access to every market in the Middle East. It’s economy has grown in the past number of years. Though oil revenues continue to provide the largest portion of GDP, the country is diversifying its economy, seeking to be a key regional and global hub for business, trade and finance. Business qualifications are carefully checked with different bodies, respective of where they were obtained. Professional qualifications and experience is important, especially in the field of Accounting.

Some useful resources for start ups and existing businesses:

Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB)

The Bahrain Economic Development Board is the first point of call for entities wanting to establish their business in Bahrain.

 It is a dynamic public agency with the overall responsibility for attracting investment into the Kingdom and supporting initiatives that enhance investments. EDB works with the government and both current and prospective investors to ensure that Bahrain’s investment climate is attractive, to communicate the key strengths, and to identify where opportunities exist for further economic growth through investment.

Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA)

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) is a government entity dedicated to reform Bahrain’s labour market.

Through this service, an employee can check the work permit application status, check the legal status and validity of their work permits in Kingdom of Bahrain. You can check the mentioned information either through the personal number, work permit number, application ID number or the passport number.

eGovernment National Portal 

The eGovernment National Portal  provides a one-stop shop to ensure the optimal experience when using

The services provided by the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT), allows users to renew their driving licenses, apply for vehicle registration renewal, pay the traffic contraventions, and enquire about the condition of the used vehicles. In addition, the users will be able to use services for University of Bahrain, Electricity, Water and Business resources.

Commercial Registration Portal – Sijilat

The Commercial Registration Portal (Sijilat) is a government entity dedicated for business registrations.

A comprehensive search engine that furnishes a variety of information related to a Company, the persons associated with the Company, the businesses managed by the Company and its commercial details.

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