Orange Accounting Consultancy

Established since 2011, we provide a comprehensive range of business services, products and solutions including accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy, translation and interpretation.

A forward looking group of passionate professionals with the relevant experience to match.

“Enhancing Reliability”

It’s likely that your company size and daily distractions from financial and employee issues diminish your ability to focus on those goals. Companies generally find it very difficult to hire professionals that are highly educated to direct their companies towards those goals due to the high cost involved in hiring such professionals on a full time basis. Orange Accounting Consultancy is your cost effective professional partner that fits within your company costs and needs that ensure your success and achievement of your goals.

We enable you to dedicate your time to critical business matters by providing custom and cost effective solutions that help you manage your finances and employees. We offer our clients exceptional quality and diverse capabilities with the personal attention your business needs and deserves, all with a single focus: your success.

Our Brand Promise

We pledge to provide quality, attentive, responsive business services that meet your needs and direct your company to excel.

  • An individualistic attention. We will treat each client with the utmost care; we will develop and maintain a strong personal relationship; we will provide service with a commitment to professionalism, trust and the highest level of personal and professional integrity.


  • An efficient responsiveness. We will respond to a client’s urgent need immediately; we will deliver and review all work products on a timely and as agreed basis.


  • Proactive solutions. We are committed to understanding the goals and needs of our clients, responding to such needs with our best service, advice and products. We will strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions and opportunities to improve and grow their business.

Our experience

Accounting Services & Business Advisory 90%
Tax Services 87%
Accounting Softwares 89%
Corporate Support 92%
Translations 87%
International Financial Reporting Standards 90%

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